How to Become a Professional Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate MarketingIn the practice of affiliate marketing, you sign up with a business to become what is known as an affiliate. The business, in turn, rewards you for each customer or visitor to their website brought about by your marketing efforts. The business is also known as the "merchant" and the affiliate is known as the "publisher", because your marketing efforts will include publishing information online designed to drive traffic to the merchant's website.

Affiliate marketing is essentially the practice of using online marketing methods to drive traffic from one website to another. How is this accomplished? Below are three popular methods.


If you decide to create your own blog, try to choose a niche-topic instead of a general, all-encompassing topic. For example, rather than starting a blog about gardening, consider creating one about how to grow roses, or better yet, a particular variety of rose. The more specific your topic, the more targeted visitors you will have to your blog.

You will be writing blog posts regarding your chosen topic frequently. Blogs that are not regularly updated tend to lose visitors, which is a situation to be avoided. Your main goal is to provide information, known as "content", which your visitors will find useful. This must take precedence over promoting your affiliate links. If you consistently provide useful content for your visitors, they will return again and again to your blog.

There are free blog-hosts available; however, the majority will not allow the use of affiliate links or other forms of advertising. In order to get around this, it is best to invest in your own domain-name and hosting. Many web-hosting companies offer free installation of blogging software for your convenience. Because you are paying the web-hosting company, you may include advertising and affiliate links in your blog.

Start a Website

As with blogging, to start a website it is best to invest in web-hosting and a domain-name. You may write articles to display on your website, review products, or any combination of the two. These are perhaps the two most popular types of affiliate-websites.

If you review products, it is best to do so for products you have personal experience with. If this is not always possible, then at least do thorough research about the products being reviewed or compared. Your visitors are counting on you for expert advice and you want them to be satisfied, so they will continue to return to your website.

After you become comfortable with writing articles, you will want to research how to do "Search Engine Optimization". SEO involves using keywords and key phrases to help your articles rank well in search engines. Write content primarily for the reader though, not for the search engines.

One of the best things you can do with your website is to build an email list. This is done by offering a free newsletter, report, or e-book. In exchange, your visitors subscribe to your email list. You may then occasionally send special offers to the list subscribers. There are autoresponder companies which will allow you to have the free content, or instructions about how to download it automatically delivered to subscribers.

Article Marketing

If you don't want to start a blog or a website, you may still write and distribute articles online. Again, remember to write the article with the intention of providing good content for the reader. When you submit the article to online article-directories for webmasters to display on their websites, you will have the opportunity to include a "resource box" at the bottom of the article. This box will contain a link you have inserted which the viewer may click on to go to your merchant's website.

However, some article directories will not allow the use of standard affiliate links. This is the type of link assigned to you by the merchant, containing your unique affiliate identification number. In this case, register your own domain name to include in the resource box, and set it up to forward visitors to your affiliate link. The article directories will accept root-level domain names, for example,, which does not display any affiliate code.

Joining Affiliate Programs

There are many online directories of available affiliate programs for you to join. Select products or services that will appeal to your niche of blog/website visitors or article-readers. Affiliate programs are free to join. Be certain to investigate the pay-rate, method and frequency of payment for any affiliate program that interests you.

Begin with deciding on a niche to write about. This will dictate the types of affiliate programs you will wish to sign up for. Follow the above suggestions, write and publish new content frequently and in time, you too can join the ranks of professional affiliate marketers.

Of course, every business will require some sort of start-up capital and we have got you covered. For those action taker who may be hesitant because of the financial burden, we got you covered. If you plan your personal cash flow well, planning out a proper personal loan plan will help you get started and out of the rat race before you know it.

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